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Odell Construction, as a premier partner with Kohler Energy in the Bay Area, takes pride in presenting an extensive variety of power solutions. We are proficient in servicing, and installing Kohler generators, from commercial-grade to home usage units, across any location. 

Our partnership with Kohler Energy empowers us to provide bespoke power solutions for substantial projects requiring specific power generation capacities. Kohler Energy Systems deliver comprehensive power solutions spanning commercial, residential, standby, and portable generators.

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Home & Residential Solutions

Keep life moving without interruption with an ultra-quiet KOHLER generator. Built with commercial-grade engines, KOHLER generators are designed to withstand extreme loads – far exceeding the demands of home power needs.


Your generator runs on your home’s natural gas or liquid propane system. So when the power fails, your generator starts automatically. It powers your home until utility power is restored. Then it transfers power back to the grid.


Contact us for a quote for your backup generator.

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